Friday, 20 February 2009

Shackleton Brief

When initially playing with ideas for this brief i had a certain vision in my mind. I wished to have a verygraphical representation of the environment and figures, reflecting the stark nature of the two. After doing some tests I realized this was not the way forward and that the images needed more visual texture to add depth to the elements involved.

I started to look at other rotoscoped animations for inspiration. George dunning stood out in my mind, the beautiful way he treats the process is alot looser than other rotoscoped things i have seen. They come across as being too tight and graphical with little emotive expression. Its amazing how much expression can be contained within a brush stroke.

I reworked some compositions with this in mind, paining loosely over the video trying to capture the essence of the story and the desperate, disheveled nature of the cast.

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