Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Peepshow are a ten strong collective of illustrators, designers and animators, based in London. The group
have a reputation for producing intelligent, unique and beautiful commercial work on a worldwide scale.
Peepshow work extensivly within art direction, advertorial and editorial illustration, moving image, fashion and textile design and set design.

The level of collaboration within the group varies from project to project, each member has their own impressive client list.
Most have had their own self initiated work and exhibitions before they decided to collaborate.
Client lists include:
Victoria and albert museum, onedotzero, The heyward, British airways, BBC, Diesel, Levis, MTV, Nike, Orange Selfridges, SONY, Samsung, Toyota.

There seems to be a very varied working ethos and process due to the fact that there are so many disciplines working together. Getting people involved in working like this, being forced to work together in such a diverse way would be a constant learning curve and the more one would learn the better and more refined the design aught to become the next time round.

It is apparent that theses designers/illustrators are taken very seriously in the world of big clients and big money. Perhaps it is their strength in numbers that has given them a very strong sense of identity. If i were a client i would much rather invest in a group of people collectively producing something than invest in the lone wolf, there would seem to be many very obvious reasons for doing so. For a start many minds are always better than one, it is the way the world works, and how we have progressed so well as a species, that collective thought process is only a good thing. people bounce of each other, ideas also, In a group people seem to be forced to refine an idea much better because there are more 'filters' and everyone needs to be pleased with the outcome. All that can surface then is a more rounded look at how a design problem can be solved for a client.

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