Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Andy Pavitt

Andy Pavitt came in to talk about working within a studio. he said that 16 Years ago orange studio was set up, it encouraged up to 18 illustrators to work in the same environment. Working within a studio surrounded by people in the same profession has obvious advantages, one of the main ones would be the ability to bounce off people for ideas and moral which would ensure your productivity and sanity remained at a good level. He said it can also help to have a good dynamic group of people all helping each other to iron out their weaknesses with each others strengths.
He said the location of your studio is not as important as it once was, with telecommunications being ever so good, but a good local pub is essential. One can gain reputation from an established studio, and share contacts. clients think they are doing you a favor when they give you a job, even when you are well established, Bastards!

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